The new direct mail

A new era of direct mail is upon us. The movement started with Seth Godin’s “Permission Marketing,” and has only expanded from there. Today’s customers are savvier than ever, with unlimited options at their fingertips. In the age of Social Media, in addition to “fans” and “followers”— you must always be looking for “customers.”

Advertising is out; loyalty is in. It’s all about the soft sell. And anyone un-enlightened enough to be doing — gasp — direct mail is practically a dinosaur. Think these methods are simply incompatible with today’s customer? Well, not only are they compatible but absolutely compliment each other.

It’s called “direct” mail for a reason. Digital Impressions and social media coupled with a straightforward request for business via mail can be extremely powerful. When you have a product or service that grabs a recipient’s attention, all of a sudden it’s not junk mail anymore.

One of the biggest advantages of direct mail marketing is customization. By tailoring different pieces to different audiences, you can emphasize different advantages. And, if you have control over the list, that’s a big part of it. One option—the best option— is to generate your own by getting customers to sign up for a giveaway, loyalty program, newsletter, etc. If you have an existing customer list, treat it like gold—it’s the core of your business.

Another option? Develop a list based on analytics available today. We are able match your customer profile better than ever before. Find “clones” of your best customers and mail where you have the best demographic match.

Of course, not everyone has the time or talent to put together a spectacular direct mail piece. That’s where The Agency Ltd comes in. We take control of the process from concept, design and copy writing, to print, production and mail services.

Whatever approach you take, direct mail marketing can be an effective part of a marketing strategy. Direct mail marketing is still relevant and more cost efficient than twenty years ago!

FACT: A direct mailer we produced in 1994 for 46¢ plus postage now costs 26¢!
Direct mail—It might be an old method, but it’s also a proven one.

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